HPE 1900 Switch Series
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The HP 1900-8G Switch delivers entry-level Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switching solutions in a compact and quiet desktop enclosure that
is customized and priced for small and midsized organizations. Without sacrificing the functionality normally required on managed
networks, this managed switch offers tremendous value to small and medium businesses that need a level of control over their
network not offered by unmanaged switching products—but also require a low-cost solution. The 1900-8G switch helps build a voiceready
network with QoS, RADIUS authentication, and other features. The switch has seven 10/100/1000 ports and a dual-purpose
Gigabit Ethernet port (configurable as 10/100/1000 copper or SFP-based fiber) to connect to high-performance computers, servers, or
network backbones. To provide improved use of network bandwidth and outstanding voice and data quality, businesses can direct
traffic flow according to their needs.

Key features

  • Network access security
  • Out-of-the-box setup when defaults are accepted
  • Enhanced intuitive management options
  • Quality of service (QoS)
  • Fanless design for quiet operation

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