HP ProLiant BL660c G8

HP ProLiant BL660c G8

HP Blade 600c

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Processor family

E5-4600 v2 series Processors
HP BL660c Gen8 E5-4657Lv2 (2.4 GHz/12-core/30MB/115 W) Processor
HP BL660c Gen8 E5-4650v2 (2.4 GHz/10-core/25MB/95 W) Processor
HP BL660c Gen8 E5-4640v2 (2.2 GHz/10-core/20MB/95 W) Processor
HP BL660c Gen8 E5-4627v2 (3.3 GHz/8-core/16MB/130 W) Processor
HP BL660c Gen8 E5-4620v2 (2.6 GHz/8-core/20MB/95 W) Processor
HP BL660c Gen8 E5-4610v2 (2.3 GHz/8-core/16MB/95 W) Processor
HP BL660c Gen8 E5-4607v2 (2.6 GHz/6-core/15MB/95 W) Processor
HP BL660c Gen8 E5-4603v2 (2.2 GHz/4-core/10MB/95 W) Processor
E5-4600 series Processors
Intel Xeon E5-4650 (2.7 GHz/8-core/20MB/130 W) Processor
Intel Xeon E5-4650L (2.6 GHz/8-core/20MB/115 W) Processor
Intel Xeon E5-4640 (2.4 GHz/8-core/20MB/95 W) Processor
Intel Xeon E5-4620 (2.2 GHz/8-core/16MB/95 W) Processor
Intel Xeon E5-4617 (2.9 GHz/6-core/15MB/130 W) Processor
Intel Xeon E5-4610 (2.4 GHz/6-core/15MB/95 W) Processor
Intel Xeon E5-4607 (2.2 GHz/6-core/12MB/95 W) Processor
Intel Xeon E5-4603 (2.0 GHz/4-core/10MB/95 W) Processor

Expansion slots

Three (3) I/O expansion mezzanine slots:
x8 PCIe 3.0 Type A (supports Type A mezzanine cards) (expansion slot 1))
x16 PCIe 3.0 Type B (supports Type A and Type B mezzanine cards (expansion slot 2))
x16 PCIe 3.0 Type B (supports Type A and Type B mezzanine cards (expansion slot 3))
Mezzanine card options include:
Dual-port to quad-port (depending on the model) 10Gb FlexFabric, 10Gb Flex-10, 10Gb Ethernet, and 1Gb Ethernet for additional Ethernet network ports
Dual-port 8Gb Fibre Channel HBA for SAN connectivity
QDR and FDR InfiniBand for low latency and high bandwidth server interconnectivity
HP Smart Array P721m Controller for direct attached SAS Storage
HP I/O Accelerator Options for higher I/O performance and low latency access to storage, with the reliability of solid state

Network Controller

Two (2) HP FlexibleLOM connectors for one or two dual-port FlexibleLOMs

Storage Controller

One (1) embedded HP Smart Array P220i Controller5
Available options - Smart Array Advanced Pack 2.0 Software for enhanced performance, reliability, availability, and security of system data

Form Factor (fully configured)

HP ProLiant BL660c Gen8 is a single-wide, full-height server blade that plugs into the HP BladeSystem c3000 and c7000 enclosures

Additional Warranty Information

 گارانتی مانیا تک

Industry standard compliance

ACPI 2.0
Microsoft Logo certifications
USB 2.0 Support
IMPI 2.0
Secure Digital 2.0
TMP 1.2 Support
IEEE (specific IEEE standards depending on Ethernet adapter card(s) installed)
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES)
SSL 2.0
DMTF Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware Command Line Protocol (SMASH CLP)
Active Directory v1.0
PCIe 3.0
SR-IOV capability (requires network adapter and operating system support)


Integrated Matrox G200 video standard
1280 x 1024 (32 b/p)
1920 x 1200 (16 b/p)
HP iLO 4 On System Management Memory
16MB Flash
256MB DDR 3 with ECC (112 MB after ECC and video)


Micro SDHC Slot - One (1) internal Micro Secure Digital High Capacity (Micro SDHC) card slot
USB 2.0 Port - One (1) internal USB 2.0 connector for USB flash media drive keys

Cache memory (One of the following depending on model)

30MB Level 3
For E5-4657L v2 processor
25MB Level 3
For E5-4650 v2 processor
20MB Level 3
For E5-4650, E5-4650L, E5-4640, E5-4640 v2, E5-4620 v2 processors
16MB Level 3
For E5-4650, E5-4650L, E5-4640, E5-4640 v2, E5-4620 v2 processors
15MB Level 3
For E5-4617, E5-4610, E5-4607 v2 processors
12MB Level 3
For E5-4607 processor
10MB Level 3
For E5-4603, E5-4603 v2 processors

Chipset 1

Intel C600 Series Chipset


Upgradeable to four (4) processors

On System Management Chipset

HP iLO (Firmware: HP iLO 4)2

Memory protection

Data bus ECC protection
Advanced ECC/SDDC
Rank sparring (on line spare)
Lockstep mode
DIMM address/control bus parity protection
Failed DIMM isolation
Demand scrubbing
Patrol scrubbing
Memory thermal control

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